Uw partner voor eindeloos speelplezier in het water

Uw partner voor eindelijks speelplezier in het water

Hand pump

Thanks to our long-term experience we developed a unique, universal hand pump entirely in house at Pooljoy for all your water equipment.

The features of our hand pump:

  • By using other plastic materials and testing our pump intensively our pomp has a longer life
  • Pooljoy has designed a new pump handle seal, so that there is no risk of jamming anymore.
  • There are more sustainable interior rubber valves and there are no membranes anymore. This helps you to save on your maintenance costs!
  • In short, our hand pump is more sustainable and maintenance friendly because of these unique features.

We will be pleased to inform you about our hand pump, its placement and the accompanying service. Please contact us for personal advice without obligation.

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